Sunday, September 05, 2004


The Torricelli Option

Will the Democrats would exercise the "Torricelli Option" (dump a dud candidate) with John Kerry? I suspect that the way Bush is roaring out of his convention, no one will step up to take over.

I have to say, I think I'd respect the Democrat party more if it did. It would at least show they had standards. It wouldn't change my vote (at least this time around), but it would raise them from being pitied to merely being despised.

Also note that this is probably the Kennedy swan song. Oh yes, the "Kennedy magic" still worked to drag Kerry through New Hampshire and Iowa. But the flip side is that he flogged a flop. If Democrats remember (hmmm), they aren't likely to forgive (well, maybe Kennedy has a chance after all).

That leaves, as power brokers in the Democrat party: the Clintons...and...well...uuuuuuh....

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